Thinking about a PhD

I’m enjoying life in Australia and my work at Uniting is really keeping me busy and stretching me. But I know that my visa runs out in 2020 and I really need to start thinking about what comes next. One of the ideas that has been sat on the backburner for a bit is applying for a PhD. I go backwards and forwards on this – my problem is I’ve got too many interests. The current idea is something related to this paper I wrote during my Masters, exploring national v European identity and particularly among European policymakers.

So the next step is to write up some sort of proposal. If you know any good texts on identity, please send them my way. And even better if you know anyone looking for a PhD student to research it!

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I'm a British citizen, living in Melbourne, Australia. I head up the Community and External Relations division at Uniting Vic.Tas, a large community services organisation. I went to the London School of Economics and University of Melbourne. In 2008 I took part in the Eisenhower Fellowship Multination Programme, the subject of 3 of my blogs. You can find me on Twitter as @euonymblog or @antoniam

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