Feeding our liver lover

Our lurcher Roxy is very food-motivated, but we have found that quite a few shop-bought treats disagree with her tummy. She seems to tolerate liver treats best of all, (while recognising that they need to be used in moderation).

I’ve started buying chicken livers from my local market and making treats for her at home. These are the two recipes I’ve used so far.

Homemade dog liver bites

These turn out as sort of cake. We cut them into small squares, which Roxy loves.

Chicken liver treats

These are so easy to make. Again, you need to be careful with how many you give them, as too much liver isn’t good for them.

With both types of treats, I make a batch and then give half of it away to other dog-owners, so we’re not tempted to keep feeding them to her!

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