For all my various interests, knitting is the hobby I always come back to. My safe space for destressing, finding meaning and a sense of tangible achievement that I don’t always get through my work.

I’ve recently expanded my interest into learning to crochet, which definitely has its own space in the yarncrafts universe. And learning something new is always great, no matter how old you are.

Knitting Stitch library

I’m currently working on building an interactive library of knitting stitch patterns. If you have a stitch to contribute, please use the button below to go through to the submission form. Once there are a useful number of stitches in there, it will be opened up as a searchable database, so you can find a stitch using parameters such as number of stitches, number of rows in the pattern or whether it is reversible or not. I’m excited about this as a useful resource for knitters looking to embellish their knitting, or those interested in taking first steps in designing their own patterns.

The buttons below will allow you to join the mailing list for further information, or (even better!) submit a stitch for inclusion. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Latest work

I’m on Ravelry as antoniasm, where you can see most of my past projects. Posts from this blog on my latest projects are below.

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