Damned transitions

The last 18 months or so have been a period of leadership transition at Uniting, where I work. In July 2019 our then CEO announced that he would be retiring. During the course of the search for his replacement, the Board Chair expressed her interest in the role and was selected. That meant finding aContinue reading “Damned transitions”

Lessons of an unusual year

So that was 2020. It wasn’t the year any of us thought we would have. It has changed us in fundamental ways, at a micro and macro level. Rather than writing resolutions for the year to come, I have decided to write a list of main lessons of 2020, in a hope that they willContinue reading “Lessons of an unusual year”

Lurcher coats

Our dog Roxy is a lurcher, which makes her a funny shape – skinnier and longer than her collie father, chunkier than her whippet mother. But like most lurchers, she feels the cold. I knitted her a few coats this year. The first adapted the SAS coat pattern, to add a turtleneck. She’ll only useContinue reading “Lurcher coats”

The women that made me

I started this International Women’s Day thinking about the women who have made me who I am today. Each one of them has taught me an important lesson (or several!) about the person, and woman, I want to be in this world of ours. This is my tribute to them. Ilse Mochan (née Cruttwell)I wouldContinue reading “The women that made me”


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