Interactive stitch library

This stitch library is a collaborative endeavour and I’m very thankful to everyone who has contributed.

There are two ways to view. The first is a gallery, where you can select the stitch based on its picture and see its characteristics, as well as the pattern.

The second is a searchable database. Use the filters to select the characteristics you are looking for and it will suggest stitches that fit the bill. Instructions to use the filters are below.

Using the filters

Click on filters

Click on “add filter”

Select the first parameter you want to filter by

All stitches that correspond to your selection will be displayed. Click add another filter to refine your search.

To view all the details of a stitch, click on the blue “expand record” arrow.

You can also sort the list alphabetically by selecting Sort, or search for a specific term using the search button (magnifying glass icon on the right)

Make a one-time donation

The stitch library is something that I am doing to support the knitting community, but it does have running costs. If you find it useful, please consider making a contribution to keep it going, either one of the suggested amounts or your own choice.


Or enter a custom amount


Your contribution is appreciated.

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