Pounding the streets of DC

So, we’re having fun in Washington! Sunday I did some work and then met Gil and went for Kosher food. We then headed down to the mall for a little light sightseeing, which was fun. I then met Peter Whitehead and we went for dinner at DuPont Circle, after the altercation with the man in the Lincoln Towncar with the infinitesimal scratches that he claimed came from Peter’s car. I could have done them with an earring, and coloured them in with a black felt-tip pen, but he seems to have entered an insurance claim. Frankly more money will have been spent in phone calls relating to this case than it would cost to deal with the scratch. But whatever…

Not much to talk about today that you won’t find on the other blog, as all I did was meetings (apart from going to the bank to change one of my travellers cheques and having some lunch). and finding the best biscuits in the world – a cross between oreos and Reese’s peanut butter cups. I am going to be the size of a house before I leave!!!

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