Everything you heard about Southern hospitality

is true!! I had a night on my own in the hotel last night, which was fine. In fact, it was great lying in bed watching telly -I love it. This morning I got picked up and taken to today’s meetings. We had a full day, including Bonnie taking me for a nice lunch down by the lake here. Cindy looked after me in the afternoon and as she was driving me home she took me via a Walgreens so I could buy a phone card and generally showed me around. She was very reluctant to drop me back at the hotel all on my own, so we went for a coffee. Then while I was sat here writing the other blog the phone went, and it was Bonnie, whose kids had gone out for the night, so she suggested we go out for dinner. So we went to Turkey Creek (!) and had a really nice dinner in a place that serves taster sized glasses of wine. I finished off with this FANTASTIC dessert wine that basically tasted of blueberries, called Bonny Doon. It was so nice to have someone to talk to and a nice dinner, so I can only say that there are some lovely lovely people around here, who have taken it upon themselves to make me feel very welcome!

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