“Innovation is a contact sport”

That could be the motto of where I am now – Raleigh, North Carolina which, along with Chapel Hill and Durham makes up the Research Triangle, the US top business/academia cluster. I had a day organised by Raj, who is one of the 2008 Fellows from the US. Quite a full day and I’m glad to be in my jeans and getting ready to head out for a night with the boys! Though will it be quite as hilarious as yesterday’s dinner? Believe me, don’t get in a car with four other emerging leaders! It’s very loud and there are sometimes conflicting instructions, because we’re all sure we’re right and we can’t all be! The restaurant was very nice actually, it seems there’s some good cooking going on here. I had a nice lunch today – fried green tomatoes, as I had to have something traditionally Southern! Tomorrow we have a dinner with the North Carolina Eisenhower alumni, which should be fun.

For those of you wondering (Sally!) I didn’t get my Saturday treat (well, I got a different one, with my lazy day). I had been originally supposed to have a car in which case I was going to drive myself to the Shangri-La that is Dollywood – the Dolly Parton theme park!  Would have been marvellous. Apparently she has made all sorts of amazing contributions to her local county, including a scheme which gives every school-age kid a book every month. Great stuff. She’s a hero.

Anyway, enough blah blah for today.

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