Driving Gil crazy

If you were getting into a car with someone, how happy would you be for her to say “Actually I’ve never driven an automatic before. And I’ve never driven a left-hand drive car. ooh and I haven’t driven any kind of car since July”. Heehee, poor Gil deserves a medal. Still, he made it alive and I made it in one piece and I’m driving to Monsanto tomorrow. Automatics are great! I kept putting the handbrake on when I stopped, not realising that you don’t have to, it kind of kicks in the brake so you don’t roll back. Why do we drive with gears?!  Maybe if Ilse and I buy a car for France we can get an automatic, which will make it easier to swap sides of the road for me.

I had a nice dinner with David from Monsanto. He’s from South Dakota, his father raised American bison, if you can believe that. He had some fabulous photos of the Grand Canyon, which just makes me even more excited about the whole thing.

I also got some new blue sheets for the next portion of the trip – I’m definitely being kept busy. Won ‘t have much time in Vegas though, unfortunately.

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