St Louis blues!

No, not another homesickness post, but a great night out in St Louis listening to a fab R&B band. And of course I mean proper R&B not that modern rubbish. After my day out at Monsanto, we had an Eisenhower Fellow thing organised by one of this year’s US Fellows from St Louis at a nice Brazilian restaurant. Unfortunately I seem to have developed a new food allergy, as I had one of my flare ups and no asparagus in sight. Afterwards Gil organised us all into heading out for some music, so Rob (the US Fellow) got some advice, and showed us the way. It was downtown, sort of near the Gateway Arch, so I can say I’ve seen it now. Anyway, the music was fab, just a drummer, great blues guitarist and a bassist playing a 6-string, and singing some standards, some old blues “music that makes you want to kiss your mother-in-law” as the singer described it! and some Sly and the Family Stone. Top stuff and a good bit of dancing with the girls. Lots of fun had!

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