Vegas is insane!

After 24 hours in Vegas I’m still not sure what I think of it! I was pretty appalled when I arrived. Then I found all the fab shops, which tempered my view (ahem). Then I saw it after dark, when it all seems a bit more fun. The Bellagio fountains were lovely. But the whole place is a complete fantasy world. The Venetian has a miniature St Mark’s Square in it, inside, but with a roof and lighting plan that makes it seem like dusk outside (see above).



There’s an Eiffel Tower (in the base of which you can buy a Margarita or a Pina Colada in a glass shaped like the Tour Eiffel). The hotels are IMMENSE – even our little (and really very old-fashioned) one has 1200 rooms. Caesar’s Palace, New York New York (with its rollercoaster and a mini-Brooklyn Bridge) and the Venetian are infinitely bigger.

I had some fun playing the slots in the hotel earlier, had to do a bit of the Vegas casino thing after all. Am headed out later for dinner with Christi, who used to live in Brussels. It’ll be interesting to talk to her about what it’s like living in a place that is so based on consumerism and fantasy. But Vegas has one HUGE bonus – I have walked miles over the last two days, and feel almost back to normal!! Going to have to do some work tomorrow, that’ll be weird!

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