That’s why they’re called bumpers…

Well, it was bound to happen. Had a bump with another car at a traffic light! While I was stopped I was trying to pick up my bag which had fallen on the floor and I’m just not used to the way the car moves forward when you stop. Suddenly *smack*. We pulled over to the side and looked at the two cars and there didn’t appear to be any damage at all, so we both drove off. Hope that’s the time it happens and now the end of it. It was after such a lovely drive over the edge of the Rockies as well…

I had a great day today at the National Renewable Energy Lab. I had really wanted to go there and they were being very coy about letting me in, but I’m SOOOOO glad they relented because I found it really interesting. And the people were so nice.

I finally got some laundry done. For the first time since Tennessee I have a bag full of clean clothes. But it did cost me over $150 if you can believe it.  But I suppose if you average it out over the time since I last washed everything then it’s not that bad!!! And I’ve been doing so much handwashing. Actually, has this blog got laundry-obsessed? Maybe a little, but let me tell you, when you’ve been travelling for 6 weeks, it becomes a big issue. Now that it’s done, I promise I won’t mention it for a while!

Have been having an Open Uni evening. I would have loved to have checked out Denver, but this has to take priority. I have an exam in about a month and I haven’t done 1/5th of the course yet! Eeek! Will have to post my penultimate assignment tomorrow, it’s already likely to be late. I thought I’d get loads done during this trip, but it’s been so difficult. Hope the last few weeks, when the schedule is scaled down a bit, will be better.

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