Seattle rocks!

So, Seattle, finally! It’s a lot like Auckland actually and we’ve had a gorgeous day today so it’s been great. Last night I hit the town with Annie, a friend of Phil’s. We had a drink in a nice bar and then headed to another place where we saw two bands – both great, very funky and groovy. Top night, but a bit of a fuzzy head this morning (ok, I had a stinking hangover!!). Today I met Jenny Juo, who was at Mayfield with me. We had a lovely day – she took me out to Alki Beach, where you get lovely views of the city and the Olympic Mountains, plus all the islands. Then we went back to her house and I met her husband and 2 boys. It was lovely to be in a house!! They have a neighbourhood beach down on the lake – it’s a bit like the concept of a park in a London Square, an area where the residents can go. Must be great for the two boys to have that space to play down by the water, especially in the summer. Seattle seems to have a lot going on – the problem is going to be working out what the priorities are in the few days we’re here!

Am going to hit the shops a little tomorrow I think. And then happy hour at Eliot’s Oyster Bar – 50c per oyster!

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