What’s all this about it raining in Seattle?

I thought it rained here alot?! We’ve had gorgeous weather – OK, a few drops last night and this morning, but most of the time it has been gorgeous. Yesterday I went for breakfast with Tiffany, Omar and Iyad, who then all went off to a Baptist church. I abstained, preferring to honour the god Mamon – yes, I went shopping. Seattle is a fabulous destination for shopping, with lots of little boutique style, individual shops, which is so refreshing after so many areas I’ve visited that just look exactly the same, with the same shops and places to eat. On the eating front as  well this is an amazing place, you could eat out for lunch and dinner for a year and never go to the same place twice! Even the food court at the top of one of the shopping centres has so many stands, it took me about 20 minutes to decide what to eat. And only 2 of those were chains. I guess what I’m saying is that Seattle has a lot of character. On the off-side, though, it has rubbish taxis – we were stranded for almost an hour because they didn’t turn up and kept fobbing us off. Off out for dinner tonight, possibly at one of the places recommended by Jenny Juo, then maybe going to see a film.  With Tiffany’s arrival on Saturday I got the blue sheets till the end of the trip and it does get quieter, thank goodness. I’ve found out that I’m not allowed to turn in the last assignment for the OU late, so I’m going to have to get a wiggle on to get through the stuff. I hope I can pull it together, because it would be a real shame to lose momentum at the end, when the course has gone so well until now.

Talking of which, I should get back to it!!!

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