I’m in love!

Sorry, not some great gossip, just the result of my first afternoon in San Francisco! I arrived this morning from Seattle with Omar and then headed out for the first meeting, which was with the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine. That was down towards South Beach (and the Giants stadium) so it all felt very much like NY down that way, certainly nothing like the San Francisco from films and so on. The meeting finished just before 5 and as I was walking back to the hotel I thought, why don’t I head up to Russian Hill now, because I wanted to see Macondray Lane, which was used as Barbary Lane in the TV adaptation of Tales of the City. I wikipediad it and found out roughly where it was, and as luck would have it, it was on the cable car route. So I jumped on a cable car to head over there. Well that was fun in itself – the guys who work on the cable cars are really fun and it’s as close to a rollercoaster as I’m prepared to get! Then I got off at Union Street and walked around to find Macondray Lane. It was just like the SF of my imagination and dreams, and of course, the one you see on films and TV!. And then Macondray Lane itself was lovely. I wandered around the neighbourhood a while, including the most crooked road in the world, then headed back into town on another roller coaster, sorry, cable car. Now am back at the hotel trying to get my breath back (the hills are VERTIGINOUS!). I really hope I get a chance to come back some time in the not too distant future. Anyone know of any good jobs going??!!

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  1. Never let it be said I don’t know how to write an attention-grabbing headline!

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