Happy birthday Dominic

Well here I am in the Mecca for all 30-something single women who love shopping and restaurants – New York City!! I had a great lunch meeting yesterday and then after that headed back to Manhattan. I got off the Path and walked over to Gramercy Park, where I was supposed to meet Lucy Colback, but she called to postpone to today as she had a lot of clearing up to do at work. Couldn’t face walking the 20 blocks back to the hotel so got the subway. I had a siesta (woohoo!) then met up with Chak Hee to head out for Korean food. K-town is amazing – I’ve found an amazing wee hole in the wall place that makes fresh kimbabs! was a very happy lady.

My meeting was cancelled today so I had a day off – double woohoo! I started off meeting Lucy Colback from school – this trip has been great for getting back in touch with Mayfield girls! Was great to catch up with her and lucky too as she leaves today! Then I headed down to Wall Street to pick up tickets for a show tonight – Chak Hee and I are going to see Avenue Q. I had lunch down there and then went to a yarn shop called Purl and bought some lovely yarn for a one-skein project to do these last few days – I miss knitting! Talked to Dom on his birthday, and agreed to go and help him move the first weekend I’m in London – he gets the keys to his house the day I move to London. And hopefully I’ll have signed my contract by then, if we can get all the mortgage documents sorted when I get back.

I’m off to the Commission delegation’s annual reception tonight before the show. I contacted Fernando Valenzuela, who is head of delegation here, and he invited me. Should be a laugh!

Only a few days left now. Amazing to think and I just can’t wait to get home – I miss everyone so much. Not that I haven’t had a great time, but eventually it’s time to go home, especially when there’s so much to do when you get there!

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