I won!

Aah, the joys of the wacky London scene. I saw an entry over on kudocities asking for a soundtrack to go with a magic show. I sent a few ideas in and won a night at the museum with free drinks! Something different to do on a Thursday night and certainly nothing you’d find in Brussels. I never win anything like this, so I’m chuffed, while at the same time reasonably sure I was the only person who entered…

I thought this week would start off really busy with everyone in Brussels coming backfrom the August break and the Commission meeting again today. But it hasn’t happened like that – at least not yet. But the planning apparatus is up and running and it looks like we’re going to be in for a heavy autumn. From the treatment of lab animals, illegal logging and the pharmaceuticals market to consumer rights, text roaming and urban mobility. And that’s before we get into the political stuff, like the informal council in October and whatever foreign policy problems might crop up. One of the best things about coming to London is the range of subjects I am called on to be up on – today it was electronic tagging of sheep and independent mechanics.

Bit depressing looking at the weather forecast and just seeing rain rain rain for the rest of the week. The one bonus is that now that I grow plants, I can comfort myself with the thought that the rain is doing them good. Non-Brits I met in Brussels (and elsewhere) often asked me why we Brits are so obsessed with the weather. My answer is that we have so much of it – no discussion to be had in Andalucia “Nice out again, like yesterday and tomorrow and most of this year”. But in a country where it can be summer in the morning and autumn by afternoon, as was the case yesterday, well, there’s really something to talk about.

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