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You couldn’t do this too often – your liver, waistline and synapses would all suffer from the excess of snack food and alcohol and lack of sleep. But it has certainly been fun. I’ve attended some interesting debates on the fringe, met more useful people in 3 days than in the previous 3 months and also caught up with old friends (including the Director of the Fawcett Group, who was in my year and on my course at university. And who recognised me, which is always nice!). I made the mistake of going to Fringe events that were interesting, where the real old hands know to work out which venues have the best food (Radisson wins that one here) and which organisations provide the most drink. Some events are “turn up and gorge” whereas some are the hot tickets of the night – there was no getting into the Guardian party, though I wonder why it seemed to be the one to be at, which it seemed to be men in suits standing around talking, just like all the others…

Gordon is on at the moment. He really should smile more, he looks so much more human when he does so. He’s only mentioned Europe once so far and weirdly it was to pledge support for the Temporary Agency Workers’ Directive. I’d have thought that he might have focused on a global issue like the financial crisis or that old chestnut that even I am beginning to think is getting a bit tired – climate change.

Have been doing the day job while here, with the text and data roaming proposal coming out of the Commission today, so doing several interviews. In fact, I’d better go, cause I’ve got to talk to the BBC. Watch for me on News 24!

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