Could it be Magic

This is a bit after the event but whatever…

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I attended the Rugby League Magic Weekend. Marvellous time had by all etc etc and the longest I’ve spent in Edinburgh for years, thereby remind myself that it is a great city. In the programme for the 7 games of Rugby League we watched, they had a section about each team, and one of the catageories was “If they were a famous Scot, they would be…”. I thought some of them were funny enough to share. Knowledge of Rugby League teams not necessarily required.

Quins: Mary Queen of Scots – Posh relatives, but choosing to live by a different code.

Bradford Bulls: Former RBS boss Fred Goodwin – A rich and powerful major player recently fallen on hard times.

Wigan Warriors: Wet Wet Wet – By the mid-1990s, people tired of them being number one all the time.

St Helens: Gordon Brown – Top dog now, but for how much longer?

Huddersfield Giants: Colin Montgomerie – Often in the running, but just can’t seem to win a major trophy.

Castleford Tigers: Shrek – Not the most picturesque or glamorous of creatures, but much loved.

Catalan Dragons (my team and possibly my favourite one): JK Rowling – Not originally from round these parts, but now considered one of us.

Warrington Wolves: Rod Stewart – Big in the 1970s and still in the news, but it’s been ages since their last hit.

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