Coming Week beginning 28 March

Here’s what’s on our plate next week

VP Siim Kallas (Transport) gives a press conference on the Commission’s Transport White Paper
Máire Geoghegan-Quinn (Science and Innovation) meets Paul Walsh, CEO of Diageo

HR/VP Catherine Ashton attends the London conference on Libya
John Dalli (Health and Consumer Protection) meets Sir John Beddington, UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser

Gunther Oettinger (Energy) meets Sir John Beddington, UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser
Business for New Europe, Fabian Society and others hold event on the future of the eurozone after the economic crisis at Europe House

VP Siim Kallas (Transport) meets Philip Hammond, UK Secretary of State for Transport

Michel Barnier (Internal Market) visits London, where he will meeet Business Secretary Vince Cable, attend Trustee Meeting of the IFRS Foundation and visit the Chairman and Board of Supervisors of the European Banking Authority

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