Wedding spree

Two of my friends have got married this autumn and I offered to knit both of them a shawl or shrug to wear with their outfit. I’m very happy that they both accepted, and in fact chose very different things.

Jane had a very traditional church wedding in Chipping Camden in the Cotswolds, and chose a classic pattern, to be knit in off-white. The yarn (Rowan Kidsilk Haze, quite a favourite) knit up much smaller than the pattern, but it worked well in the end in the shallower form.

Jane's shawl

Abi’s wedding was very different and just as lovely. The bride wore red and the ceremony was humanist, in a 14 century building in York. She asked for a shrug, so I did this, which is knitted as a shawl and then partly sewn to create sleeves.

Abi's shrug


Both lovely projects, and it meant so much to see two people I care about so much wearing something I had made on such a special day. I wish Jane and James, and Abi and Ingemar all the happiness in the world.

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