Announcing the knitting stitch library

One of the key building blocks of knitting is stitch patterns. Every sweater, blanket, sock, dog coat, whatever, has at its heart one or more stitch patterns – combinations of purls, knits, yarn overs, slips, knit togethers and all the other knitting elements, that make a pattern. These can go from the very simple – garter, knit all stitches – to intricate lace that takes real focus to avoid making mistakes.

While there are numerous online libraries of stitch patterns, I’ve failed to find one that works as a database, where you can search for parameters that might guide your selection.

That’s why I’ve started building an interactive library, which I’m opening up today for people to start using so I can see whether it is worth pursuing.

I’ve listed stitches according to a number of parameters:

repeat – how many rows are required to set the pattern

fabric – what does the pattern look like

look – does it look the same on both sides (reversible) or not

colours – what are the minimum number of colours needed for the pattern

number of stitches – this is a key one, and where I think the database will be really helpful. How many stitches are needed to set the pattern

**update** based on feedback, I’ve also added a difficulty rating. 1 star for patterns that are combinations of knits and purls, 2 stars for patterns that use slips, yarn overs, increases and decreases and 3 stars for other more expert techniques.

There are then a few other selectors – does the pattern give straight sides, a shaped cast-on edge or does the cast-on edge curl.

Then there’s a photo. On the day of launching, I have knit every one of these patterns myself and uploaded the photo and description. Once I start accepting submissions that might not be the case, but I would hope to try them all and only have verified patterns in the database.

So there it is. I’d love your thoughts on this – is it useful, what have I left out, anything really. Have fun with it and keep checking in for new stitches.

Photo by Les Triconautes on Unsplash

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