Links 29 March 2010

I thought Joshua Chaffin¬†wrote a sensible piece today on the departure of Commissioner Ashton’s spokesman. In the meantime, take heart that Lutz is not leaving the Commission, but going back to DG Trade, where one suspects his lofty skills will be better appreciated. Nosemonkey gets it spot-on: No-one understands the EU. I guess I wouldContinue reading “Links 29 March 2010”

Links 02-Mar-10

I’m going to blatantly filch an idea from the fabulous currybetdotnet and link to items I’ve found elsewhere on the net that I like, or think might be interesting for anyone that pops by. Needless to say, I don’t endorse any content, and my linking to them here certainly doesn’t imply that they reflect priorities,Continue reading “Links 02-Mar-10”