Getting closer

Less than two weeks now till I leave! I can’t believe it. Tiffany from the Eisenhower organisation, has been amazingly helpful in the programme design – there must have been times when she just wished I’d stop spamming her with ideas for the programme! It’s coming together now and though there will be changes, it’s looking like I’ll be visiting Washington DC,  North Carolina, St Louis, Las Vegas, Florida, Colorado, Seattle, San Francisco and Boston, as well as time in Philadelphia and Arizona with all the fellows.

Of course all the organisation for leaving has been vastly complicated by the fact that I won’t be coming back to my Spokesperson’s job, but will  be transferred to our London office while I am away, to be Head of the Media team. Oh, and I’m buying a house! So I’ve running around trying to get things organised for the mortgage, write handover notes, make sure all my loose ends are tied up. I’ve got a goodbye lunch with someone just about every day between now and the day I get my flight, several after-dinner drinks, my parents coming to stay, two more rehearsals with The Spencers (who are performing a gig the week I get back!)  and making sure everything’s clear for the house. Stress levels are rapidly going through the roof!

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I'm a British citizen and European Union offical, who lives in Brussels again after 6 years in London and 8 in Melbourne. I went to the London School of Economics and University of Melbourne. In 2008 I took part in the Eisenhower Fellowship Multination Programme, the subject of 3 of my blogs. You can find me on Twitter as @antoniam or on Mastodon as

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