Hitting the road

So the whole thing has started in earnest. I’m here in Washington getting ready for a busy few days in the capital of the free world next week. We arrived in a limo-minibus this afternoon, which was quite fun. We couldn’t all check in as our rooms weren’t ready, so we walked into Georgetown. Deema had said she wanted a salad, and as we arrived there, I saw a Pain Quotidien. I suppose slight homesickness combined with realising that was the right thing for the group, so we headed in, never thinking we’d get a table for 10. But some guy had booked for 10 and not showed up. So we took his place. It was just like a real PQ and our waiter turned out to be Moroccan, so I got to speak French to complete the experience! After lunch we went back to the hotel, and while the others were heading out to the cherry blossom festival (the city looks lovely) I stayed in to do some open university work (you will not believe quite how behind I am). A few days ago Omar took us for Malaysian food, lunch today was Antonia’s Belgian experience, so for dinner we headed to a Thai restaurant organised by Somkiat. Really nice, but man I ate a lot (no real change there then). I would have gone out afterwards, but people were walking back and though Omar sent round a message about going to a salsa club, I had got into doing some work again, so stayed in and finished off the section. I now know a lot more about the geological history of the British Isles than I did this morning…!

I’m meeting Peter Whitehead tomorrow and should be seeing Nigel Nagarajan on Monday, then head to Tennessee on Wednesday night. So from being with all 24 on Friday and 16 here in DC, I’ll be all on my own. But I have promised myself a treat on next Saturday…you’ll have to tune in then to find out what!

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