Ready, steady…GO!

So that’s it. Preparation phase is over and we are on our way! Last day of the seminar (Friday) was totally hectic, with a last couple of sessions, including a sort of team-building exercise. Then it was getting sorted, going through the blue sheets with Tiffany, taking stuff down to EF house to leave it there while I’m travelling around, packing and so on. Then there was a last reception at the house of one of the trustees, Ravi Saligram. A gorgeous house, full of beautiful artefacts from the travels. But I think we were all beginning to feel that we wanted to get started properly, much as we have really enjoyed being together.

So this morning it was into a limo-minibus (another OIA* moment…) for a whole bunch of us and the drive to Washington DC. There was Deema (Jordan), me, Bolormaa (Mongolia), Chak Hee (Korea), Nafees (Bangladesh), Hassan (Nigeria), Omar (Malaysia), Christian (Colombia), Nona (South Africa), Zuzana (Slovakia), Peter (Hungary) and Somkiat (Thailand). We had a nice day in Washington and have got tomorrow before we start in earnest. I’m here till Monday evening and the days are packed full, then I head to Tennessee for my visit to Oak Ridge – and driving in the US for the first time. Wish me luck!!

*Only In America

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