Leaving Squirrel City and heading South!

Washington DC is full of squirrels. They are all over the place, it’s like Seurasaari in Helsinki! Of course I will now always think of them as rabbits, thanks to a joke Gil told me. It was a nice place, with nice quiet areas as well as downtown bustle and it was pretty green. Good shopping in Georgetown, and it was lovely still being with people. But that has changed! I arrived in Tennessee this evening. It’s so amazing driving into a city and seeing signs to Chatanooga and Nashville! We’re not in Brussels now, Toto! I haven’t had a chance to get the measure of Knoxville, as I arrived late, and I’m not hanging around long – a meeting at the University of Tennessee tomorrow morning and then the people I meet there are giving me a lift out to Oak Ridge. I’ve got meetings there tomorrow and Friday and then am staying around on Saturday, before flying to North Carolina on Sunday. the priority though will be getting some laundry done! And trying to find a way to reduce the weight of my bag, on which I had to pay excess charges today!

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