The internet lets me down

All sorts of network problems yesterday so I wasn’t able to write anything last night. Or send e-mails, read the news, check my bank account or do any of the things I needed to. Makes you realise how much you are relying on it to stay in contact with the world – especially when you are in Oak Ridge Tennessee and the other options for entertainment are not huge! So it was dinner in the hotel and a night in bed in front of the telly. Which was totally fab! Off to talk to the US ITER people today, which should be excellent. And then a weekend in Oak Ridge, before setting off to North Carolina. Oak Ridge is definitely small-town America. I caught sight of myself in the window of the hotel restaurant last night and wondered “what on earth am I doing here? what brought me here and more to the point, why?!” I suppose all that will become clear one day…

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I'm a British citizen and European Union official, who lives in Brussels again after 6 years in London and 8 in Melbourne. My blog(s) reflect my interests in the EU, yarncrafts, organisations and dog ownership.

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