Driving away from home

Great article by Philip Stephens in today’s FT on the euro. There’s been a lot of hysteria in the press, particularly the bits that don’t like the EU much, but this was a good balanced piece. I don’t think anyone wants the UK to join tomorrow (frankly, it doesn’t meet the criteria), but surely ruling out membership for ever on principle, even when it is right, is just as damaging as wanting the UK to join on principle, even when it isn’t right? Some of that famed British pragmatism would be useful round about now.

Finally, FINALLY, my car is in the garage getting the dented wing replaced and I have an immense Audi A6 as a replacement car (reminds me of the – probably apocryphal – story of the GPS system that told a woman in Belgium to “suivre l’A6” so she followed the Audi that had been in front of her at the lights…).  It’s only taken over 3 months for them to get around to it…absolutely incredible.

I’ve had a great flurry of people from my past getting in touch with me on Facebook – what a great invention that is! Jennifer Sinclair, who was a good friend of mine at university, just signed me up as a friend, and it was great hearing about her new life in New York with her husband and kids. And then today Kim, who I met doing my Erasmus term in Leiden, and who I shared a flat with in London for about 6 months, got in touch. Weird that all this happens as I come back to london – the place I knew lots of these people. It’s as if Brussels was a bubble that I’ve now burst. How different would life have been if I hadn’t gone? But then, I wouldn’t have done all the amazing things I did and met all the brilliant people I met, personally and professionally.

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