The Social Network/Travelling Light

This weekend I saw a play about film and a film about social networks, which seemed to fit together nicely. Travelling Light is a new play by Nicholas Wright, directed by Nicholas Hytner. As this is the team behind His Dark Materials, my feeling was that it couldn’t really go wrong. And it didn’t. There’sContinue reading “The Social Network/Travelling Light”

My take on social media in the Commission

I was asked to write an article for our intranet about the use of social media in London. Thought I would reprint it here, as I would be grateful for comments. There’s no doubt that social media is the latest thing in communication terms. If I had an extra 10 minutes in the day forContinue reading “My take on social media in the Commission”

Talking it over

There’s been a lot of discussion about how this hasn’t been the “social media” election everyone thought it was. But, like some others, I believe that those writing about it are viewing it the wrong way down the telescope. No, social media may not have replaced the role of newpapers, or even TV. But asContinue reading “Talking it over”

Driving away from home

Great article by Philip Stephens in today’s FT on the euro. There’s been a lot of hysteria in the press, particularly the bits that don’t like the EU much, but this was a good balanced piece. I don’t think anyone wants the UK to join tomorrow (frankly, it doesn’t meet the criteria), but surely rulingContinue reading “Driving away from home”