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Sat here at an event about the European Regional Development Fund in London, almost a month into the new job, and looking at my Twitter feed, it occurs to me that there are so many people in the UK who are working on letting people know about opportunities in Europe. Some are very local, some national, some sector specific, some very general. I wonder, though, whether they all know about each other. I had a call from someone in the European Movement the other day who wanted to find out what a Europe Direct Centre was. So I thought it could be an idea to get them all together in one place, get them to talk to each other, maybe develop new partnerships. Any thoughts?

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One thought on “Talking about Europe in the UK

  1. Sounds nice, but …. Firstly perhaps it is about the target audience, each knows how to address the “message” to a specific target. Secondly people “live” of that – because some can best understand and communicate to a specific niche and perhaps because others exploit the cryptic nature of the original EU messages and customise and wrap it for normal human beings! I think the idea sounds nice, and people might accept to attend, but what changes would you aim for? If it could help EU Websites, press briefings, etc. become more understandable and less cluttered with Euro-speak, and become more re-usable and customisable than that would already be a step forward. One alternative I’ve used in the past is to focus on Webmasters or bloggers. Good luck

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