Talking about Europe in the UK

Sat here at an event about the European Regional Development Fund in London, almost a month into the new job, and looking at my Twitter feed, it occurs to me that there are so many people in the UK who are working on letting people know about opportunities in Europe. Some are very local, someContinue reading “Talking about Europe in the UK”

Why the UK is in the EU

Our monitoring of Parliamentary Questions spat this one up today. Self-explanatory really. Mr Jenkin: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs with reference to the letter from the Minister for Europe of 11 November 2010, on the European Union Bill, for what reasons his Department believes that the present terms ofContinue reading “Why the UK is in the EU”

Coalition on Europe

It’s amazing what you find if you read everything in your inbox! An e-mail with the coalition’s reponse to comments on its programme has languished in there all day, and I just got round to reading it. Pretty interesting stuff! Of course my main interest was the Europe section and it’s good to see aContinue reading “Coalition on Europe”

Science+Europe=accuracy fail

I went to a very interesting event about science journalism in the UK last year at the Royal Institution which I blogged about about the time. One of my conclusions was that many of the issues faced by science journalism reflect very closely issues faced on coverage of European issues. Science isn’t covered well byContinue reading “Science+Europe=accuracy fail”

How much do you know about the EU

I mentioned the quiz yesterday. Fancy a shot yourself? 1) What is the source of the EU anthem?        a)      Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony      b)      Mozart’s Magic Flute      c)      Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique     2)      How many stars does the EU flag have?        a)      6 – representing the founding members     Continue reading “How much do you know about the EU”