One of the exercises in our course has been to write haiku. Here are a few I have done so far.

One thing you’ll need to know is that the love of my life recently walked out on me after 2 and a half years together. During that time we had two miscarriages (and no successful pregnancies), so I’ve had a pretty turbulent time emotionally. This is of course going to inform some of my early writing, though I am trying not to get too mired in that particular meme.

I struggle every day

To keep a smile on my face

Now that you have gone

Sleep-deprived and sad

Each day is more difficult

Than the one before

[Ok, enough with the sadness]

At last the sun shines

Though too late for my garden

The tomatoes stay green

[A topical one here:]

Neutrinos from CERN

Travelling faster than light.

Einstein got it wrong?

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One thought on “Haiku

  1. Hey Antonia

    Well done for using that emotion in a positive way. It’s horrible dealing with heartbreak and heartache – I think we all have suffered it at some point, but to put it in your writings is definitely a good outlet.

    I like the tone of your quirkier Haiku also, poor tomatoes! I look forward to reading more as the course progresses! 🙂

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