Interesting reads in August

Here’s a collection of some things that I’ve found interesting, noteworthy or curious this month. I’m always banging on about the risks of future historians of our digital dark age/white noise. This article is a good exploration. We were recently on holiday in the UK, and in one village that we visited, I tried toContinue reading “Interesting reads in August”

A new chapter

As those of you that I am connected to on LinkedIn will know, I have recently started a new job. I’ve moved to the Joint Research Centre, which is the Commission’s in-house scientific service. I’m in the EU Policy Lab, working on “the strategic foresight agenda and … the development of foresight and horizon scanningContinue reading “A new chapter”

Doing some online housekeeping

I’ve decided to use the long weekend to get some things done that have been hanging around for a while and that includes some housekeeping on the website. I’ve had various different blogs over the years and I’ve decided to bring them all onto this site – what’s the point of having lots of differentContinue reading “Doing some online housekeeping”

Eating with your furry friends in Brussels

To celebrate exactly a year since we moved to Brussels (can you believe it?), I’m sharing a map I have been developing which has restaurants, bars and cafes that welcome dogs, according to the members of the Facebook Group Expats with dogs in Brussels. At least this way I can find it and share itContinue reading “Eating with your furry friends in Brussels”