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So the latest assignment is in. I changed it a bit from what I posted here. If it doesn’t get slated, I’ll post the final version once I get it back. We’re onto poetry now. I think I’m going to enjoy this more than expected.

For exercise 12.5 we were given a list of titles and had to write a poem to go with one of them. Here’s my effort.

Anthropomorphism for Beginners

The cat is giving me a funny look
I don’t think she likes me, she said.

She doesn’t like you or not like you, I replied
She’s a cat
As long as you feed her and clean her tray, all is well.

Easy for you to say, she said
She likes you.

No she doesn’t. She knows who feeds her and gives her a bed
I said to her, you shouldn’t treat them like little humans
They’re animals.

May I butt in, said the cat. She’s right, I don’t like her.

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