Pressing my life’s reset button

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This week I was invited to talk to The Women’s Table, a networking group I joined a few months ago. They asked me to talk about my past career and the reasons behind my recent life change. It wasn’t necessarily easy, as several of the factors that led me to where I am now were deeply personal and distressing. But I felt that leaving them out would be telling half a story. The Women’s Table meets in a restaurant, so there was no presentation I can share, but one of the participants was tweeting and you can read her tweets below.

I spoke during that meeting about important people who had been there for me during this process, and one of the main ones was my career counsellor Kim. Through the process with her, I was able to move away from negative feelings about my job and my ability to focus on my strengths and my values, both of which are now incredibly important to me now. I can highly recommend seeing a (good!) career counsellor if you are feeling uncomfortable at work, or even doing some of the online tests on strengths or values that can help you better align your day job with what really matters to you.

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