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About three and half years ago, I left my full-time job at the European Commission to move to Australia and go to university. Since then I have gained a Masters degree, run workshops, managed an online project, moderated panels at conferences, set up systems to help a graphic design studio work more effectively and learned to build websites from scratch. I’ve got married, and co-founded a not-for-profit company. I’ve pitched to accelerators, and taken part in hackathons. I could never have imagined doing so much that was so different to what I had done before. I came here wanting to know whether the skills I had were useful in a different setting, and I think/hope I’ve answered that question.

So now it’s time for another change. After three and a half year’s of hustling, I’m going back into full-time employment. From next week, I’ll be working as Senior Media Advisor in the Chancellery at the University of Melbourne. Working on the EU-Australia Leadership Forum, I realised how much I enjoyed media work and how much I missed it. I had no particular drive to go back to full-time work, but I’ve always surfed my career, and this felt like the next wave to jump on.

This also felt like a good time to move to my new website, which I’ve built myself and I hope showcases how much I’ve learned (as well as how much more I have to learn!). So take a look around, and please let me know what you think. Until I get my comments sorted, you can contact me via the website, or on twitter.

This post was originally posted on 18 July 2017. In fact, I didn’t spend long at Melbourne Uni, and after three months there, I started working at Uniting Vic.Tas, where I still am.

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I'm a British citizen and European Union official, who lives in Brussels again after 6 years in London and 8 in Melbourne. My blog(s) reflect my interests in the EU, yarncrafts, organisations and dog ownership.

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