Lurcher coats

Our dog Roxy is a lurcher, which makes her a funny shape – skinnier and longer than her collie father, chunkier than her whippet mother. But like most lurchers, she feels the cold. I knitted her a few coats this year. The first adapted the SAS coat pattern, to add a turtleneck. She’ll only use this one inside, as it is knitted in acrylic.

A border collie/whippet dog sat on a sofa wearing a knitted coat in teal and white stripes.

I wanted something better fitting and also knitted in wool so she could wear it outside in cold and wet weather (a Melbourne winter can be very dreich) so I also knitted her one of Sandra Polley’s whippet coats, customised for her different shape. It was a slightly trickier knit (lots of increasing/decreasing!) but a much better fit.

Have you got a go-to dog coat pattern?

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