Could you look after Mungo?

As you know from a previous post, we are moving back to Europe in a few months. The logistics of an intercontinental move are dizzying. Add to that 3 animals and it gets crazy!

We have two dogs and a cat. The dogs are in hand – our dog-sitter will look after them, their flights are booked and their travel crates are here so they can get used to them. (Though I’m very open to advice from anyone who has been through this with their canines – we’re quite stressed about it!)

But what are we going to do with Mungo? The dog-sitter can’t take him while we’re travelling back as his Coltriever will kill Mungo as soon as look at him. Even if we can find somewhere for him while we travel, it’s not in his best interests to take him to my parents’ house, where there are already 3 cats, and then move him again to Brussels.

What we’re hoping to find is someone that will look after him during February and March while we get home and get settled. And if that long-term sitting gig turns into mutual love, then we can discuss a more permanent arrangement.

He’s a lovely cat, very affectionate – lots of what they call bunting.

He’s pretty good-looking, if I say so myself.

I wouldn’t say he loves the dogs, but he has learned to tolerate their presence. I do think he’d be happier somewhere where he is the centre of attention though (who wouldn’t!)

He’s pretty clever…

He would prefer a bit of outside space, but has lived in an apartment before. We have a garden now and he doesn’t stray outside our walls, though he used to in our old place.

He even has his own Instagram account.

He’s settling nicely into middle age and looking for a peaceful place where he can curl up with someone for a quiet night in.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

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One thought on “Could you look after Mungo?

  1. Hi Antonia – I’m sure you have already looked at this already but Cat Rescue places often have fostering services for cats in need of a temporary home. If we were nearer we would have him despite our two unfriendly dogs. Hope you get somewhere good for him. Good luck with the move. Great to have you back in Europe.
    Dee 😺

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