Interesting reads in August

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Here’s a collection of some things that I’ve found interesting, noteworthy or curious this month.

I’m always banging on about the risks of future historians of our digital dark age/white noise. This article is a good exploration.

We were recently on holiday in the UK, and in one village that we visited, I tried to pay for parking online, but there was no signal, and we had no coins to pay directly. We ended up leaving, with me fuming and swearing. So I have a very small insight into the issues in this article about how our increasing digitisation risks excluding people.

There’s a lot around about AI and creativity but I liked this one.

As my new job involves looking forward to see what technology might mean for our future, I really enjoyed this look back at the emergence of something that is so much part of our everyday – professional presentation software.

Like its author, I am a converted emoji-sceptic, so I enjoyed this piece on the neuroscientific aspects of their use.

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