Eating with your furry friends in Brussels

To celebrate exactly a year since we moved to Brussels (can you believe it?), I’m sharing a map I have been developing which has restaurants, bars and cafes that welcome dogs, according to the members of the Facebook Group Expats with dogs in Brussels. At least this way I can find it and share itContinue reading “Eating with your furry friends in Brussels”

Turning virtual friendships into real ones

I was in Brussels for the last two days, and very nice it was too. On Wednesday I was speaking at an event on the use of social media in a European context, called Butterfly Europe. A video of the event is online, and¬†Europasionaria¬†has written about it. I have a slightly different take on itContinue reading “Turning virtual friendships into real ones”

Home or away?

I was in Brussels yesterday and the day before, with a group of visitors. They were all people who teach journalism in UK universities, most of them former journalists, and who were interested in finding out more about how the EU really works. The idea of the visit came out of approaches I had hadContinue reading “Home or away?”

Back in the hotseat

Sorry it has been quiet for a bit. I was in Brussels Monday and Tuesday of last week for a meeting of the people who do my job in all our reps across Europe. It was great to meet them at last – most of them have been just voices across the ether or veryContinue reading “Back in the hotseat”

What’s the difference between kiwi fruit and bread?

Sounds like a bad joke, doesn’t it? Well the answer, if you’re the Daily Mail, is that the EU is crazy to have rules standardising the former and crazy to take away rules standardising the latter. Does that make sense to you? I have to admit that I’m baffled. Personally, I think doing away withContinue reading “What’s the difference between kiwi fruit and bread?”