FlexThink – a workshop

I ran a workshop today via Peer Academy on How to Tackle Rigid Thinking. I’ve written on this topic previously on LinkedIn, but this was the first time I had run a workshop. The process of designing the workshop was incredibly useful in creating a framework for identifying, analysing and tackling rigid/inflexible thinking in the workplace, as wellContinue reading “FlexThink – a workshop”

Academic research in an age of social media

The last time I wrote a dissertation was 1993. It was my final year at the London School of Economics and because I had taken a semester to do Erasmus in Leiden, I had the option of writing a dissertation instead of taking an exam for one of my courses, given I had missed someContinue reading “Academic research in an age of social media”

A Knitting Wedding Spree

Two of my friends have got married this autumn and I offered to knit both of them a shawl or shrug to wear with their outfit. I’m very happy that they both accepted, and in fact chose very different things. Jane had a very traditional church wedding in Chipping Camden in the Cotswolds, and choseContinue reading “A Knitting Wedding Spree”


There are few things as lovely, in this age of electronic media, as coming home and finding  a handwritten envelope on your doormat. I had that experience today. To enhance the pleasure of the whole experience, the envelope bore unknown handwriting. A handwritten letter from someone unknown! How delicious! I’m sure we’ve all been thereContinue reading “Unfinishable”