This week, a year after I started, I got my Certificate of Engagement from IAP2 Australasia. The course has been a whirlwind trip through the IAP2 approach to public participation and engagement, which has definitely made me think more carefully about how to engage with people in a meaningful way, as I move through theContinue reading “Certificated!”

Feeding our liver lover

Our lurcher Roxy is very food-motivated, but we have found that quite a few shop-bought treats disagree with her tummy. She seems to tolerate liver treats best of all, (while recognising that they need to be used in moderation). I’ve started buying chicken livers from my local market and making treats for her at home.Continue reading “Feeding our liver lover”

Taming the curls

When I was about 32 my hair underwent a big change. I had a drastic hair cut (think Annie Lennox circa Sweet Dreams) and when it grew back it was curly. It wasn’t any sort of problem until I moved to South-East Australia – from 80% average humidity to 55%: not what my curls likeContinue reading “Taming the curls”

The value of pausing and listening

This post was originally published on 22 May 2017. I liked this piece in HBR on holding good meetings. Having sat through a fair few interminable meetings in my time, quite a lot of it resonated. One particular element made me think about a wider issue. The author writes: Pausing conveys that you’re not interested inContinue reading “The value of pausing and listening”